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Whomerley Wood Substation Extension

Vinters Avenue, Whomerley Wood, Stevenage

The Need for the Electricity Substation Extension at Whomerley Wood

The substation extension will be required to house the first High Voltage Power Electronic Device (PED) for regularising electricity supply.

Why did we choose Whomerley Wood Substation for the Trial? 

 The two main criteria for selecting a suitable trial site are:

  1. electricity substations in locations with a predominantly commercial/industrial customer catchment; and

  2. electricity substations which serve a predominantly domestic customer catchment.


This enables the two customer catchments to share electricity because their electricity demands peak at different times.

Having identified the two substations that serve the above customer catchments that can be interconnected by the trial Soft Power Bridge equipment, a substation that is situated along one of the cable inter-connectors between the two substations had to be identified to house the plant and equipment.

Why build an extension at Whomerley Wood?

Firstly, there is a need to increase the electricity supply in Stevenage. Without this scheme, UK Power Networks will have to expand its existing electricity network by ultimately building new electricity substations in the borough.  Secondly, Whomerley Wood electricity substation at Vinters Avenue has been chosen, as it links two primary substations: South Stevenage Electricity Substation, which serves mainly commercial/ industrial customers, and East Stevenage Electricity Substation, which serves mainly domestic customers.  Finally, it has the largest developable site available along the interconnecting cable route.

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