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Arbury Grid and Primary Substation, Kings Hedges Road, Cambridge

ASAP designed the building envelope (situated close the Cambridge Science Park), which was well-received by the planning authority and the local community who nicknamed the building as "The Ski Slope". ASAP resolved the initial objections raised by local residents and the strategic local planning authorities by justifying the selected location and providing a design that was suitable against the backdrop of the prestigious Cambridge Science Park. ASAP also co-ordinated the full Environmental Impact Assessment. EDFE was awarded 2 commendations for the design by the Institute of Civil Engineers in 2010.

Bengeworth Road Depot

ASAP was the appointed designer and planning consultants for a masterplan and detailed scheme design for a mixed use residential and employment scheme for part of the Depot site, reconciling all the operational constraints and future needs. 71 residential units and 7,500sq.m of office and retail space is proposed. ASAP project managed the Planning Application and co-ordinated the project team for the preparation of the Environmental Impact Assessment studies. Working with the Client's public relations department, ASAP provided the presentation material for a public consultation exercise for local stakeholders and residents.

Bishopstone Substation and Switch House, Aylesbury

ASAP resolved the conflicts that arose from the Client's statutory obligation to expand the electricity network to support the growth of the Aylesbury area and the need to allay local community concerns on visual intrusion of the proposed substation compound. ASAP provided a design and planning solution that protected and enhanced the local environmental conditions by reducing the risk of local flooding and increasing bio-diversity. Working with the Client, material was presented in two public consultation exercises. The required planning consent was secured within the time scale required by the Client.

Osborn Street Substation, London E1

ASAP were responsible for preparing a strategy to obtain the necessary planning consents for returning the entire holding to utility undertaking. ASAP resolved the impasse with the planners at LB Tower Hamlets for the impending substation redevelopment by undertaking the design of the most prominent facades and obtained the required planning consents. As contribution to the community, ASAP instigated community involvement between the Applicant, EDF Energy and local schools with an Art Project in conjunction with the charity, Concordia Foundation. ASAP were also responsible for managing the specialist archaeology studies, Environmental Impact Assessments and liaising planning issues with neighbouring land owners.

Since 1997, Adrian Salt And Pang have been advising UK Power Networks and its predecessors (LEB, LE Group, EDF Energy) on town planning matters including:
  • interpretation of planning legislation,

  • planning strategy, design / masterplanning of sites and buildings, and

  • obtaining planning permission for operational and non-operational uses.

ASAP has carried out over 140 projects for the electricity sector across the UK, building up a considerable wealth of experience understanding the operational requirements and other corporate objectives of the electricity industry. We have
worked with the Client to ensure a thorough understanding of their statutory powers, enabling projects to be completed in the shortest time scale possible. The scope of work includes:

  • designing buildings / enclosures for existing, enlarged or new EDF Energy / UKPN facilities and obtaining planning permission as necessary;

  • determining the extent of permitted development rights for existing and proposed operational facilities and land;

  • designing new development schemes for surplus substation sites, maximising value wherever possible, and obtaining the necessary planning permissions;

  • advising on the negotiation strategy for securing the future development and value of key sites through the town planning system;

  • providing publicity material for public forums; and

  • supporting the Client in preparing marketing, auction and acquisition material.

Historic buildings and conservation areas

Lillington and Longmore Estate and Moreton Street Substation, London SW1 (Grade II* Listed Building)

ASAP obtained listed building and planning consents for refurbishment and new installations to this Grade II* Listed Building, including boundary treatments, external appearance, cooler bays, removal of flora and fauna and the reprovision of a roof garden for the Lillington and Longmore Housing Estate.  Additional work undertaken includes: security installations, roof garden reconstruction, internal and external construction and installations, public consultation and engagement. 

Robert Adam Building,No. 16 Mansfield Street, London W1 (Grade II Listed Building)

ASAP also obtained listed building consent and planning consents for proposed works to prestigious properties including a Robert Adam building at No. 16 Mansfield Street, London W1 and a Grade II listed building at The Grove in Highgate, London.

Technology parks / industrial / business parks

Beaufit Lane, Pinxton, Nottingham, NG16 6HF

ASAP were appointed as planning consultants advising on the proposed development for the construction of a warehouse, internal access road and lorry and car parking spaces for Robinson Lowe Francis (RLF). ASAP also took on the responsibility of designing the external appearance of the building providing alternative designs, patterns and colours.

Plannings and Land Handbook

In March 2003, Adrian Salt And Pang and Simon Ricketts (Planning Lawyer) were commissioned by LE Group to provide a working manual for its practitioners, entitled the "LE Group Planning and Land Handbook". This document, regularly reviewed by ASAP, explains the legal background to EDF Energy as an electricity undertaker, its permitted development rights and other planning and property issues (CPOs, easements and wayleaves etc.), as well as land management issues (the DDA, contaminated land, Section 215 Notices, Occupiers' Liability Acts).

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