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Founding Directors

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Mr Adrian L. Salt DipArch DipTP FRSA FRTPI


A Fellow of the Royal Town Planning Institute, Adrian has over 40 years professional
experience in both private and public sectors, with expertise in strategic and detailed
development planning, masterplanning, environmental assessments, urban design and conservation studies, and environmental, planning law and providing planning expert witness advice.  Adrian has worked on development projects in Algeria, Brunei, Hong Kong, Dubai, Jordan, East Caribbean, Ireland, Sweden, South Africa, Thailand, China, Nigeria, Spain and Malaysia.

Adrian began his career in architecture and was Managing Director of Pioneer Design in Sweden where he developed tension structure prototypes for a firm that constructed pneumatic structures.  He returned to the UK to continue his career as an architect-planner, working in both the public and private sectors. 


Adrian is the author of “Planning Applications” (3rd edition) – a guide to UK Town Planning procedures.  He has specialist knowledge in permitted development rights of statutory undertakers and co-authored the Planning and Land Handbook.  He was appointed an RTPI Awards Judge in 2020.


Annie Pang, BA, DipUPI, MSc Prop.Inv., MRTPI


An Associate Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute, Annie has 37 years
of experience in the UK and overseas in land use development strategies, economic
development planning and managing planning projects. She has also worked in property
investment and development in the UK.


With specialist knowledge in permitted development rights of statutory undertakers in the
UK, Annie regularly advises clients in electricity undertaking on development and planning
strategies on operational and non-operational projects and assets. She is an appointed High Street Task Force Town Planning Expert commissioned by the DLUHC and will provide support to local planning authorities to improve high streets across England.

Overseas, Annie has advised property owners and developers and the public sector in the
UK, Hong Kong, China, South Africa and the Caribbean. She was instrumental instigating
and evaluating a solution to the problem of polluting industries in a district of Hong Kong by introducing new land use zoning, subsequently adopted as statutory legislation in the Town Planning legislation.

Away from the office, Annie has curated cultural musical events.

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