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Whomerley Wood Substation Extension

Vinters Avenue, Whomerley Wood, Stevenage

Planning Status

The legal planning requirement for developing the electricity substation extension is different for the two site options under the Town and Country Planning Act GPDO (2015) Part 15 Class B for Electricity Undertaking.


Planning applications for Scheme 1 and Scheme 2 have been submitted to Stevenage Borough Council, as the local planning authority.  Full details of the full application documentation, including explanatory statements, full design drawings, illustrations, and impact assessments are available on the Council's website.

Scheme 1 proposes building an extension within the existing electricity substation compound i.e. on operational land.  UK Power Networks has permitted development rights to construct the extension, but requires Stevenage Borough Council to give Prior Approval of the External Appearance under TCPA GPDO (2015) Part 15 Class B(a). 

An Application has been submitted to Stevenage Borough Council for:

Prior Approval of External Appearance of an Electricity Substation Extension to house Electrical Plant at Vinters Avenue, Whomerley Wood Electricity Substation.

For further details, please refer to
Search: Planning Application Reference: 21/00508/CPA 


Scheme 2 proposes a new building on non-operational land and therefore requires full planning permission under the Town and Country Planning Act.  

An application has been submitted to Stevenage Borough Council for:

Full planning permission for the construction of an extension to an electricity substation to house electrical plant (Sui Generis use for Electricity Undertaking) in accordance with Town and Country Planning Act GPDO (2015) Part 15 Class B Electricity Undertaking, on Land to the west of Whomerley Wood Electricity Substation, Vinters Avenue, Stevenage, comprising 4 x garages and forecourt.

For further details, please refer to
Planning Application Reference: 21/00494/FP

Stevenage Borough Council will undertake the statutory public consultation process and invite comments on the above applications.  However, you can send us your comments and questions by filling in the form below. 

Design Objective

The design objective is to minimise the visual impact of the extension building on the general built environment.  The aim is to try to integrate the extension structure into the local residential area by using building fabric that is sympathetic in appearance to the surroundings.

Design Options

As part of the pre-application process, a number of design options prepared by Adrian Salt And Pang were presented to SBC’s Planning Department.  The preferred design was applied to the proposed substation, shown here.


  • The use of horizontal bands in Scheme 1 gives visual interest to the façade and reduces the visual impact of the height of the extension.

  • In Scheme 2, the use of 'frames' and horizontal bands in two brick colours add interest to an otherwise bland wall.

  • The choice of the brick design aims to achieve integration with the surrounding residential development.

Alternative Site Locations for the Extension

For this Ofgem trial, UK Power Networks has selected two alternative schemes:

Scheme 1: Within the Electricity Substation grounds, occupying an area of 32sqm (0.032ha)

Scheme 2: On land to the west of the Electricity Substation used for the driveway (hard standing) and 4 garages owned by Stevenage Borough Council Estates, with a site area of 143sqm (0.01435ha). 

Scheme 1

Scheme 2

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