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Established in 1997, Adrian Salt And Pang Limited (ASAP) is an independent development planning consultancy which provides specialist planning services for UK and overseas clients.   We are a firm of chartered town planning consultants, registered with the Royal Town Planning Institute.


Our experience includes working on projects in the UK and abroad (in 13 countries) for a broad client-base.

For government agencies and public authorities, we have found solutions to complex urban development problems, offering development strategies, legislative frameworks and land use solutions.

For corporate clients, landowners and private owners, we have negotiated successfully with planning authorities to achieve optimum development schemes, including planning and legal agreements.

​ASAP works to meet the Client's development objectives, balancing viability with operational/user requirements, to achieve the optimum solution/planning consents often with time constraints.

​We act as project coordinator for planning projects for planning and environmental impact assessment. This includes briefing, vetting supporting consultants and coordinating all the findings for planning submissions from specialists such as traffic engineers, arboriculturists, ecologists, archaeologists, sustainability consultants, sunlight/daylight consultants, surveyors and legal advisors etc.

ASAP serves as the interface between the Client and the planning authority to solve development problems. 

Design advisory services include master planning at all levels; urban design; building appearance, design and layout to meet different sector user requirements, and to satisfy the local planning authority's design expectations and standards.

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