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We work closely with professionals including engineers, architects, environmental specialists, property consultants etc., and specialist lawyers, to support our Clients’ requirements.​
  • Physical planning: masterplanning, urban design, site assessments, development briefs, architectural designs for planning, environmental audit environmental assessments, and design guidelines.

  • Land-use planning: contaminated land/site, land reclamation, port/airport Studies, tourism/entertainment, commercial/residential mixed land Uses, and large-scale/town development planning and feasibility studies.

  • Planning legislation: UK planning legislation, planning processes, and standards and guidelines for overseas countries/regions.

  • Local planning and policies: planning applications, and planning appeals.

  • Strategic planning: land use, community, economic development, impact studies, environmental improvement strategies, employment, security planning, market research, planning appraisal, and development feasibility.

  • Project development feasibilities: phasing, planning and development feasiblity assessments for investment or development funding, short/medium/long term development assessments, planning risk analysis, and cost-benefit analysis.

  • Consultations: consultations with government authorities, consultations with interest groups, consultations with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and public exhibitions and surveys.

  • Targeted surveys: targeted consultations with developers, owners, occupiers, and targeted social needs assessments.


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