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Planning Status

The installation of the electricity chambers will be carried out under the permitted development rights of UK Power Networks under the Town and Country Planning Act GDO (2015) Part 15 Class B(a) for Electricity Undertaking.

Locational Criteria

  • SOPs must be located close to existing Low Voltage Cables. 

  • SOPs must be located close to LV Cable circuits that allow connection between two secondary substations. 

  • To ensure adequate ventilation, the rear of the SOP must be at least 200mm from any obstruction.

  • The locations should be the least visually intrusive from public views. 

  • The installation should not affect the line of sight for drivers. 

  • The installation should take account of access and inclusivity - it should not form an impediment to the movement of pedestrians, wheelchairs, people with impaired eyesight, push chairs etc.  

  • The installation should not result in a climbing aid over walls and fences into private property. 

  • The selected locations meet the above criteria and are the best fit for the demonstration of the SOP trials. 


Ecology and Tree Protection 

The impact of the installations on ecology and trees have been assessed for the sites and tree root protection plans have been prepared for each site. 


The SOP units have new components that mean that the switching frequency is above 20kHz, i.e. above the limit of human hearing.  Any noise generated by other components (e.g. fans) will have a maximum sound level of 56db at 5m.

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